Food & Climate Change

Mapping the Food System

Mother nature isn’t giving out any comps when it comes to the fallout of our self-centered environmental behavior and its impact on the planet. Super storms, droughts, rising temperatures and increasing cold spells are wreaking havoc on our food system, and increasingly rupturing our ability to provide food for an exponentially growing population. A reinforcing feedback loop of heavy dependency on petrochemical fertilizers and mono-cropping is destroying microbial ecosystems, shrinking land on which to farm, while creating a demand for cheap and abundant food.

In the span of a day and a half more than 30 ITP + Food Studies students from NYU, scholars, artists, engineers, farmers, technologists and designers presented very short presentations about their work and research that addresses the systemic issues we are trying to tackle, solve and map. We pivoted off these presentations into breakout sessions to begin to parse ways of mapping the context and content of these issues, who is doing really interesting work to address these issues and what is the best way to represent this information.

We all agreed it’s a huge endeavor – but entirely possible.

No Free Lunch took place on April 17th and 18th 2015 in New York City.


Stefani Bardin

Marina Zurkow

Tom Igoe


Oliver Kellhammer

Eve Mosher

Peter Kim

Robert Ransick

Matt Sheehan

Not an Alternative

Naama Tamir

Aankit Patel

David Cihelna

Salem al-Mansoori


Tattfoo Tan

Laura Sansone

Jen Van Der Meer

Britta Riley

Sam Van Aken

Sonali McDermid

Jamie O’ Shea

Yasser Ansari

Center for Genomic Gastronomy

Mia Keranakis

Cathy Kaufman

Maricruz Iniguez Sanchez

Marina Zurkow


Nicola Twiley

Krishnendu Ray

Diane Hatz

Arielle Hein

Elizabeth Guzman

Judith Klinger

Sarah Rothberg

Anna McGuffy Clark

Allie Wist

Vicci Ho

Nikolaj Slot Petersen

Saturday Schedule

The Mappers will gather on Friday evening and get things started, they will present their work with the group on Saturday morning.

10:00 Caffeine + Carbs + Meet + Greet
10:30 Introduction to the Map, Recap of Friday and Introduction of the Friday Mappers
11:00 Tattfoo Tan, Food + Climate Change
11:15 Britta Riley, Window Farms
11:30 Fauxshi, Food Performance by Cathy Kaufman
11:50 Center for Genomic Gastronomy, Speculative Food Design
12:00 Breakout Session I
1:00 Lunch, Naama Tamir from Lighthouse BK
2:00 Ecuador’s Crude Reality, Food Performance by Maricruz Sanchez
2:15 Jen Van Der Meer
2:30 Laura Sansone, Natural Food Dyes
2:45 Making the Best of It, Food Performance by Marina Zurkow
3:00 Sam Van Aken, Tree of 40 Fruit
3:15 Yasser Ansari
3:30 Breakout Session II
4:15 Chocolate’s Mid-Life Crisis, Food Performance by Mia Keranakis
4:30 Sonali McDermid, Wine + Climate Change
4:45 Jamie O’Shea, Bjorn Corn
5:00 Presentation of Breakout Sessions
5:30 Recap + Cocktails

This event was made possible by the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in Tisch at NYU, Food Studies at NYU and an NYU Visual Arts Initiative Award.